“I originally thought of heavy bag of dirt…but it didn’t sound so good.”

Heavy Bag of Dust, aka Ian Hurlbut brings his powerful voice behind the strumming mayhem of an acoustic guitar. Heavy Bag got his start in 1998 playing in small clubs in Scotland, Hawaii, and Boston --- in Ontario, that is. After an extended journey throughout South America, Heavy Bag laid down a seven-song CD entitled “Wide Toque Eh?” where he converted live favourites such as “Sweeter than PB and Jam” and “Bastards of Bombay” for adoring audiences to take home.

Giving nods to folk-rock greats such as Neil Young, with a good dose of everything from Wilco to the Rheostatics, Heavy Bag wears his songs on his sleeve in the fashion of all fine troubadours. His songs, entertaining commentary, as well as his first CD have gained him several opening spots around small folk clubs in Toronto and Ontario.

Currently based out of Guelph, Ontario, Heavy Bag ensures that no dust settles on his guitar. Instead, he’s using his vast deposits to polish his songs and get them ready for his upcoming follow-up.